It’s a hard enough job being a parent. Add the military life to it and it’s twice as hard because unless you’re around family to help you, you’re alone! Yes, you have your friends and other military families there for support, but for the most part you’re parenting alone. I’m a firm believer that it takes a village to raise children and sometimes I don’t want my friends to have to take on that burden of always helping me raise my divas. ***I will say that I do have some amazing friends who treat my girls just like they would their own children and vice versa.***

I have always felt that my children would grow up just fine living this military lifestyle because I did and I turned out just fine. Yes, children are resilient and they can adapt to any situation, but I think there comes a time when stability is needed. My husband, Jasper, will be coming to a crossroad in his military career really soon where we will have to decide if we want to retire or continue past the 20 years. He told me that since I have sacrificed so much by giving up my career and my dreams that I can decide where we go when we retire and the family will follow me. The pressure is on!!!! I’m thinking Fiji…..just kidding. Honestly, we’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks just visiting family and I see how just being around family has impacted my girls and my husband. They love it and I love it too because everyone is happy and I always have someone willing to just help when needed. I’m not going to lie, I’m usually a helicopter mom who has to know where my girls are 24/7 and what they are about destroy. Since being around family my only worry is when will they nap and how will I re-program them because they’ve been so spoiled. So, I’m actually leaning toward moving back to my husband’s hometown in Louisiana. Yep! I’m a straight city girl, but I don’t mind the slower pace of the country and sharing the roads with tractors. It’s not too bad! The only thing that I don’t care for is that my cell phone coverage isn’t the greatest, but that has been a great thing. I could get used to this.


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