“I need some advice……

I have these horrible bosses! They micro-manage EVERYTHING! I get yelled at very day for things that haven’t been done before I even knew it had to be done. I can’t even get a word in before one of them starts screaming at me. Also, having a cup of coffee/tea in the morning is just NOT ALLOWED. They wake me up at all times in the night because they need something simple. Everything is my fault! If they mess up on a project…my fault. If something isn’t done to their specification…my fault. Not done fast enough…my fault. And don’t even get me started on HR. I complain to them, but they don’t care. HR stated, “You wanted this job…” I’m thinking of getting a new job, but I can’t because I need them. What do I do?”

This is the photo I posted of my bosses

This was a post on Facebook last year from me on a mom page. I ended it with #momlife #toddlerlife #sahm. I waited about an hour and chuckled at every single response. I wanted to see how many moms would respond to my post telling me to “leave this job” and “it’s no good.” It was crazy! Let me tell you, most of these moms never looked at the hashtags. They just started going on rants saying, “leave this job!” “It’s time to move on!” “Why are you still working there?” I even had a few people message me and tell me they’re head hunters and they can find me a better job where I would be valued. I couldn’t hold it in any longer because these women were really taking it seriously. So I posted a photo of my “bosses.” Nothing but laughs and angry moms turned soft. The comments changed to “I’m glad I’m not alone,” “Cute bosses,” “I feel your pain! Not even a single sick day is allowed too!”

Photo Credit: L.West Photography (Kynsley’s newborn session)

You don’t realize how hard being a mom is until you’ve become one. I never wanted to be one just for the simple fact that I knew the simple things which I enjoyed doing like: drinking my hot coffee while it’s hot, sleeping in until 9am, or having a spontaneous meal with anybody. But it happened! Yep! I became a wife and a mother. Is it everything that I imagined it would be? Yes and no! Yes, because it’s a hard job without the rewards and compensation you would receive at a normal 9-5. No, because it’s a hard job without the rewards and compensation you would receive at a normal 9-5. If this doesn’t make sense to you, it will once you’re a parent. You see, parenthood isn’t a normal 9-5. I get rewarded with snuggles, smiles, and comments like “Mom, I love you” or “Mom, you’re the best mom ever!” But, I don’t get a break at all unless I have a “Mom Night Out” or my wonderful husband puts me in “time out” which is basically “me time.” My children expect so much and are so needy, but what child isn’t. I tend to not claim them except when they’re asleep because that’s when they are absolute angels. Yep, it is hard! The way I see it though, my children never asked to be here. They never came with a manual and there is no customer service I can call to help with any issues which may arise. I just have to take it day by day and pray that one day I can drink my coffee while it’s hot.

Overall I love my job, horrible bosses and all. They will be forever demanding, but they know their place when they’ve gotten on my last nerve and tend to back off with a mouthful of applesauce and fruit snacks. God knew what he was doing when he made them to be so adorable.

Them today. You would never have guessed they were just fighting


4 thoughts on “CEO of my Own Crisis Management Company

  1. Yep, I resembles that remark. I’ll keep praying for you because it gets harder. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be ok.

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  2. Thank you! It definitely is a journey which I was hoping would get easier, but from what I keep hearing it’s trading one crazy for another as they get older.


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