My Aunt Sharmini visited me this weekend with my two cousins and we had a fantastic time! We always do. This particular weekend was my daughter’s 5th birthday party and we had 20+ children running around our house and yard. It was a ton of fun, but it was a TON of work! One of the things I was looking forward to after this crazy busy day was having a late night chat with my Aunt. No matter how tired I am when she comes to visit I love just sitting on the couch with her, with a cup of tea, and catching up.

This woman is AMAZING!!! Aunt Sharmini is the owner of her own catering company, Sharmini’s Kitchen. She is an amazing cook and such an inspiration to anyone who comes in contact with her. She is somebody who I can just talk to and she imparts so much truth and wisdom. I’m not going to tell you her story, but our conversation went from catching up on family gossip to talking about self-worth. So we start talking about our businesses, our future goals, and how we plan to get where we want to be. Then, she says something which made me stop the conversation so I can write it down. She says, “Nobody is going to value you like you. To everyone else you’re a number, but you have to know your worth and never undervalue yourself.” As she was telling me this, in my head, I just said “I can’t wait to write about this!” This is what I try to instill in my family, friends, loved ones, and anyone who will listen. Know your worth! We tend to put ourselves in a box and agree with the world, but that’s wrong because why let everyone else decide how much you’re worth. If you own a business where you can set your own prices, would you under bid yourself so you can make money even though you know that the work you put into it hard and tedious? No! Or at least you shouldn’t. Nobody is going to value you like you! Personally, if I’m going to be a number, I’d rather be number 1. I’m curious to know your thoughts. What’s your worth?


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